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Biomarker Discovery

Over 1000 targets, Unparalleled multiplexing = more & better biomarkers

Protavio revolutionizes multiplex technology for biomarker discovery. Send your samples and select between the novel MegaPlex-1000™ biomarker screening panel, our focused disease panels, or make your custom panel. Ask our bioinformatics team to analyze your data and identify sub-panels or single markers with robust diagnostic power. And when your results are strong, ask our production team to generate multiplex assays with our ISO13485 compliant production service

Our Streamlined Biomarker Platform

There are 4 steps in our biomarker discovery service:

Step #1: Select Panels of interest or choose the MegaPlex 1000 analytes for maximum coverage.

Step #2: Ship your samples according to our instructions.

Step #3: Receive the Results in xls format.

Step #4: Optionally you can select our biomarker performance analysis service or an assay development service for those biomarkers that performed well.

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Choose from our existing purpose-built panels or create your own custom-plex panel based on your needs


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