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Assessment of compound’s clinical performance - Efficacy - Toxicity - Mode of Action - Competition Analysis.

Compound Evaluation

Understand and evaluate compound clinical performance. Groundbreaking in-vitro solution for assessing compound or lead molecule mode of action, efficacy, and safety in early drug discovery.  Are you looking for technical due diligence with experimental validation? or you need a partner to advance your preclinical pipeline? our talented computational and experimental team will provide you solid experimental evidence for your drug candidate assessment.

compound evaluation workflow.png

Our Innovative Workflow

Our service offers the ultimate in-vitro solution for drug discovery in order to evaluate candidate and lead compounds.

  • Step#1: Compounds. We receive your compounds or your lead structures. We also select best in class drugs and competitor compounds. We discuss your project needs in order to select the optimal experimental and computational tools. 

  • Step#2: In-vitro Models. We select from a large panel of >50 in-vitro models composed of primary cell cultures from diverse organs in healthy and disease states.

  • Step#3: Experiments. We select between 4 platforms and assays for multi-omics data generation: (a) Gene expression & RNAseq, (b) High Content Imaging, (c) 1000+ multiplex xMAP assays including signaling panels, (d) 50+ homogenous fluorescence / absorbance / luminescence assays.    

  • Step#4: Data Analysis.  Our advanced network analysis and data integration with systems biology algorithms includes data reduction, Machine Learning algorithms for supervised and unsupervised learning in clustering, classification, or regression, boolean modelling, and optimisation algorithms. Furthermore our knowledge bases & databases allow us to compare your results with thousands of reference compounds.

  • Step#5: Data Interpretation. We speak plain language and we translate the computational findings to biologically interesting results. Based on the compound mode of action, we will select lead compounds, optimal structures, reposition drugs, predict efficacy & toxicity, or perform competition analysis. 

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