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Since 2012 Protavio has built strong partnerships with the industrial and academic sector. Leading academic institutes and pharmaceutical  companies have relied on our novel experimental platforms and advanced computational tools for enhancing their drug discovery portfolio.  We are proud for our quality of service and our customer retention rate that up to now is 100%. 


We would like to thank all the following partners and collaborators for their support. Our goal is to become a world leader as an early drug discovery CRO with multiplex technology and we look forward to welcoming new partners. If you want to join our expanding list of partners, please get in touch. 


Protavio and its affiliate company Protatonce Ltd has a long-standing relationship with Luminex since its foundation and has been a proud partner of Luminex. The Luminex xMAP technology has enabled Protavio to develop and deliver high quality, robust multiplexing solutions for its customers across the world and become an international player in the provision of multiplexing testing services.

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