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Secretome-Plex (132x)

80 samples/plate


This panel includes a complete list of analytes that serve as biomarkers in a variety of human diseases. It includes cytokines, growth factors and chemokines that are secreted from cells and can be found in blood serum, plasma and other body fluids. Our secretome panel serves as a guide to determine the molecular mechanisms that define complex diseases.


ALB,  ADIPOQ,  AHSG (FetuinA),  Ang1,  AREG,  AT3,  BDNF,  BLC (CXCL13, BCA1),  BMP2,  BTC,  C5a,  CD304,  CD40L (TNFRSF5),  CD62L (LYAM1),  CDH1,  CDH11,  CFHR5,  CGA,  CHI3L1,  CICP (PICP),  CNTF,  COMP (TSP5, EDM1),  CRP (PTX1),  CTGF (CCN2),  CTX1 (ICTP),  CX3CL1 (Fractalkine),  CXCL16 (SCYB16),  CYTC (Cystatin-3),  DEFB1 (BD1),  EGF (URG),  EGFR,  EGVEGF (PROK1),  Elam1 (E-Selectin),  Eotaxin1 (CCL11),  FABP3,  FGF2 (bFGF),  FGF23,  FLT1,  FST,  GAL3,  GCSF (CSF3),  GDF15 (PTGFβ),  Glucagon,  GMCSF (CSF2),  GROA (CXCL1),  HGF,  HSP70,  ICAM1 (CD54),  IFNγ,  IL10,  IL12A,  IL13,  IL17,  IL17F (IL24),  IL18,  IL1RA,  IL1α,  IL1β,  IL2 (TCGF),  IL20,  IL21,  IL22 (TIFα),  IL23 (SGRF),  IL25 (IL17E),  IL3,  IL31,  IL33,  IL4 (BCDF),  IL5 (EDF, TRF),  IL6 (IFNβ2),  IL7 (PBGF),  IL8 (CXCL8),  IL9 (HP40),  Insulin,  IP10 (CXCL10),  ITAC (CXL11),  KIM1 (HAVCR1, TIM1),  LBP,  LEP (OB),  MCP1 (CCL2),  MIG (CXCL9),  MIP1α (CCL3),  MIP2 (CXCL2, GROB),  MIP3α (CCL20),  MIP3β (CCL19),  MMP9 (GELB),  MPO,  MYOF (FER1L3),  NAP2 (CXCL7, THBGB1),  NGAL (LCN2),  NGFβ,  NOV  (CCN3),  NRG1 (HRG1),  NTproBNP (BNF),  OPN,  OSM,  P3NP,  PAI1 (Serpin E1),  PARC (CCL18),  PDGFB,  PEDF (Serpin F1),  PGR,  PLGF (PGF),  PlGF (VEGFR1),  PRL,  PTX3,  RAGE (MAK),  RANK (ODFR, TNR11),  RANTES (CCL5),  RETN (Resistin),  S100A8 (MIF),  S10A6 (Calcyclin),  SAA1 (PIG4),  SCF (cKitL, MGF),  SDF1α (CXCL12),  SPARC,  ST2 (IL33R, IL1RL1),  TACI (TR13B),  TFF3 (HITF),  TGFβ1,  TIMP1 (EPO),  TNFa,  TNR9 ( CD137),  TPNT (hsTropT),  TPO  (MGDF),  TRAIL (TNF10, Apo2L),  TSLP,  TSP2,  TWEAK (TNF12),  VCAM1,  VEGFB,  ZG16.


Sample types that can be processed include blood, serum, urine, CSF, BALF, tears, cell culture supernatants, tissue cryo-sections and cell lysates.


Samples can be delivered in micro centrifuge tubes or 96-well micro titre plates.

Delivery should be arranged in dry ice between Mon-Wed to ensure adequate receipt of samples.

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