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Protavio Scientists publish new review article on Drug Discovery Today

Our latest review on "Network-based technologies for early drug discovery" is out now at Drug Discovery Today. Read how our holistic approaches help efforts towards better drugs.

Access full article here

Scientists from Protavio and the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, provide a comprehensive review on the combination of ‘omics experiments and pathway- and network-based approaches for early drug discovery.

In an attempt to connect basic research on pathway models to the actual needs of the early drug discovery pipeline, they explore the plethora of tools that can be used to unravel the signaling mechanism(s) of a disease, tools that can decipher the signaling footprint of a target or a drug and how these can be used together for:

(i) target identification;

(ii) target verification and validation; and

(iii) hit discovery and validation.

This review is the perfect outline of the approaches used by Protavio to address the ever-increasing needs of the drug discovery field and a great resource for scientists working in the pharmaceutical sector.

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