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Protavio at the Tobacco Harm Reduction Summit in Athens

Protavio will participate at the 1st Scientific Summit for Tobacco Harm Reduction held in Athens, Greece between the 8-9th June, 2018.

Protavio @ the Tobacco Harm Reduction Summit

The Summit brings together experts and scientists from around the world to discuss latest products, research and policies concerning alternative tobacco product use (e-cigarettes, Heat-not-Burn products, loose leaf, snus, etc.). The use of such products is increasing among smokers and there is an immediate need to understand the benefits and risks associated with them.

Protavio will showcase (Poster 21) the company's pipeline for the preclinical evaluation of tobacco products in in-vitro cellular models. To this end, Protavio generates -omics datasets from multiplex protein assays (cytokines, phosphoproteins etc) which combines with network-based computational analysis to a) enhance our understanding of the effects of tobacco-originating compounds to human health and b) identify novel biomarkers related to product use.

Visit us at Poster 21 to learn more about our research and work on in-vitro models of lung toxicity, immunoassay development and biomarker validation.

For more information on our work on compound evaluation of tobacco products, please e-mail us at

For more information on the Tobacco Harm Reduction summit follow the link.

Protavio is a drug and biomarker discovery solutions provider for the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics and Life Sciences sectors. Using advanced in-vitro and in-silico approaches and proprietary technology, we deliver fast and experimentally proven services for compound evaluation (target identification, efficacy, toxicity, mode-of-action, drug repositioning) and biomarker discovery and performance analysis. To learn more, visit us here.

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