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Meet Protavio at the ON Helix event in Cambridge, UK, 10-11th of July.

Protavio will attend the ON Helix conference organised by One Nucleus in Cambridge, UK on 10-11th July and we will be delighted to meet with existing and prospective customers.

2018 On Helix event

ON Helix is a two-day event aimed at informing delegates of how to turn early stage inventions and ideas into innovative health treatments (new medicines, novel biomarkers, useful medical devices or improved medical practices). Protavio Services are aimed to facilitate these early stages of drug discovery and our team has engaged in various projects including the validation of targets, evaluation of lead compounds and discovery of biomarkers to serve as companion diagnostics.

We welcome new collaborations from both academic and industrial partners and would be glad to meet you at the ON Helix event to showcase our technologies and discuss about exciting new projects. You can get in touch with Leo Alexopoulos, CEO, and Nikos Tsolakos, Business Development Manager, using the conference networking app. Alternatively, write to us at to arrange a meeting.

For more information about Protavio, visit our website (link).

Protavio is a drug and biomarker discovery solutions provider for the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics and Life Sciences industry. Using advanced in-vitro and in-silico approaches and proprietary technology, we deliver fast and experimentally proven services for compound evaluation (target identification, efficacy, toxicity, mode-of-action, drug repositioning) and biomarker discovery and performance analysis.

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