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Protavio presents CROSS-PLEX at the 3rd International Antibody Validation Meeting in Bath

Protavio will attend the 3rd International Antibody Validation Meeting held at the University of Bath (20th-21st September) and supported by AstraZeneca and CiteAb.

Antibody Validation by CROSS-PLEX technology

About the Antibody Validation Meeting

The two-day event will bring together an expert group of antibody users from academia and the pharma-biotech sector and some of the biggest antibody suppliers in an effort to facilitate discussions on how to best ensure antibody quality and suitability for their application in research and development. More information about the event, invited speakers and sponsors can be found here.


Protavio will present its proprietary CROSS-PLEX technology, a platform designed to screen hundreds of antibodies for cross-reactivity in a high-throughput and cost-effective manner. CROSS-PLEX utilizes the bead-based multiplex xMAP technology (Luminex Corp) and machine learning to assess and score antibodies based on their cross-reactivity to a panel of cellular proteomes thus providing a qualification system for antibodies to be validated further in application-tailored tests.

Leo Alexopoulos, Founder, and Nikos Tsolakos, Business Development Manager, will be attending the meeting and will be glad to discuss new opportunities for collaboration with academic and industrial partners. For any enquiries prior to the meeting, please write to us at

About Protavio

Protavio is a drug and biomarker discovery solutions provider for the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics and Life Sciences industry. Using advanced in-vitro and in-silico approaches and proprietary technology, we deliver fast and experimentally proven services for compound evaluation (target identification, efficacy, toxicity, mode-of-action, drug repositioning) and biomarker discovery and performance analysis. For more information about Protavio, visit our website (link).

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