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The Success Story of Protavio presented at the 1st HBio Symposium

Protavio presented its activities at the 1st Hellenic Biocluster (HBio) symposium held in Athens on November 30th, 2018.

In his presentation, Prof Leo Alexopoulos, founder of Protavio Ltd & affiliate Protatonce Ltd, provides a comprehensive overview of the history, activities and successes of Protavio during the 6 years of its operation in Greece and in the UK.

Protavio was selected among the many members of the Hellenic Biocluster as an example of a life-sciences company which started in the midst of the Greek crisis but managed to grow steadily, secure long-lasting international clients and collaborations and today is considered among the main developers and service providers of assays for biomarker discovery and compound evaluation.

The Hellenic Biocluster has been instrumental in helping Protavio and its other members gain access and expose to the international network of healthcare companies and continues to do so with an ever expanding network of members and activities. For more information on HBio, visit the HBio website here.

For more information on the Protavio services and news, visit us here or get in touch at

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