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Protavio affiliate Protatonce Ltd receives ISO 9001 certification from the TÜV Nord Group

Protatonce Ltd, the affiliate company of Protavio in Greece, received certification for implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system by TÜV HELLAS, a subsidiary of TÜV NORD Group.

Protatonce Ltd operates the laboratory facilities for the provision of testing services for Luminex-based multiplex assays, biomarker discovery and compound evaluation studies. It is also involved in the development and production of Luminex-based reagents for use in custom multiplex assays and testing services.

The ISO 9001 certification covers all the aforementioned activities and products provided by Protavio and Protatonce. The Quality Assurance System that is put in place is also compliant with GMP and ISO13485 management systems and ensures the full control, traceability and regulatory compliance of the services provided.

This certification is another proof of Protavio's and Protatonce's continuous efforts to provide high quality products and services to its customers and its commitment for continuous improvement.

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